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Car Park Solutions from Leafield Environmental

Car Park Solutions from Leafield Environmental

Local Councils, private/public companies and businesses all have a duty, required by law, to ensure visitors and guests using their car parks and premises are safe and secure at all times so as to prevent any type of injury. This duty includes the provision of adequate signage for car park entrances, exits, traffic flow restrictions and other potential hazards.

Leafield supplies a range of bollards specifically for use in such circumstances. 

The Night Owl self-righting keep left bollard is ideal for protecting pedestrian refuges in entrances and exits as well as designating traffic routes. Designed to be highly visible under all light conditions it is a highly durable bollard that will cause little or no damage to vehicle, bouncing back to its upright position time after time after time. 

Visitor, reserved and disabled parking bays are easily highlighted with the Leafield range of Linsign sign bollards. With rectangular or a choice of two sizes of round sign face, these bollards are available for permanent, in-ground installation, surface mounting or with sockets for easy removal. 

Traffic management in busy retail car parks can be a nightmare. To differentiate between vehicle areas and pedestrian walkways it is usual to install lines of bollards.  Leafield bollards, compliant with the Equality Act 2010 are particularly suited to such applications. Being over a metre tall they are easy to see, even when motorists are reversing, helping reduce the number of potential claims from customers. They are more forgiving then metal bollards and are self coloured so never need repainting. 

For protection, the Company also offers anti-ram variants, supplied as a bollard ‘sleeve’ that sits over a robust steel tube core that is permanently concreted into the ground. This style of bollard is proven to be effective as a deterrent and offers greater protection for people and property alike. 

Car Park Accidents usually occur in supermarkets car parks, shopping centre mall car parks, local parks & playground car parks, DIY store car parks, public car parks, local Council / local authority town car parks, hospital car parks, pub car parks, school car parks, gym car parks, garden centre car parks, multi-story car parks, airport and train station car parks and office car parks all causing accidents to either the pedestrian or the driver of the car or even to a cyclist and his bike.

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