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Hybrid Rotational Moulding

Hybrid Rotational Moulding

“Combining heterogeneous materials in a single rotational moulding, each having different and complementary performance characteristics.”

Leafield Environmental, has evolved and patented process methodology that combines different polymers in a single part moulding. Each polymer maintains its own individual performance characteristics when the moulding is complete. 

An example of this can be found in Leafield’s new one piece Night Owl keep left, self-righting sign bollard. The neck of the bollard is made from a durable reflex material that provides the bounce-back capabilities of the bollard. 

The body is moulded from a high rigidity polymer that offers several benefits including providing a stable surface for signage and conspicuity panels. Proven at MIRA to be passively safe to BS EN 12767:2007 100 NE4, the one piece Night Owl conforms to BS relevant British Standards and can withstand repeated impacts at up to 100 kph and the ‘trampling’ action of wheels running over the top of the bollard.

Some other similar bollards are manufactured entirely from reflex type material with less than satisfactory results. The high flexibility of the reflex material causes signs to delaminate over time and if/when the bollard is struck by a vehicle the air pressure within the bollard instantly increases. The bollard momentarily expands like a balloon causing labels and conspicuity panels to crack, craze and come unstuck in a dramatic fashion.

Leafield designers consider that the process can bring benefits to a number of projects where material performance requirements are not consistent throughout the moulding.

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