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Street Sign De-illumination…The Ground Rules have Changed

Street Sign De-illumination…The Ground Rules have Changed

Great Britain was the only place in the world that had such strict regulations about traffic sign llumination. A change in emphasis, away from regulation to “a risk based approach” (embedded in TSRGD) now offers local authorities the option to de-illuminate certain signs and bollards. This provides a real opportunity to make a significant impact on costs by removing direct sign lighting in places where local risk assessment justifies it.

While individual sign lights have a small energy requirement the annual cost of maintaining illuminated signs across Great Britain is estimated at close to £100M.

The need for this change in approach has undoubtedly been motivated by the increased cost of power and cuts in local authority budgets but has been made possible by changes in the retroreflective technology of sign materials that have brought about significant improvements performance.

Leafield Environmental’s new One Piece Night-Owl uses a Microprismatic Retroreflective Film that takes full-cube reflective sheeting to a new level. The full-cube prisms are 100% efficient – returning approximately 60% of the available light back to the driver compared to only 40% with other prismatic reflective films.

This Intelligent Cube Technology incorporates the needs of all vehicle types; trucks, SUVs, automobiles, and motorcycles into one reflective sheeting. This is achieved by the omni-directional microprismatic film having tiles of full-cube microprisms arranged in multiple orientations. This feature – “Smart at Every Angle” ensures that all signs will perform with uniform visual reflectivity at all sign face orientations.

The sign face and conspicuity panel materials exceed the requirements of BS8404 and a whole host of other International regulations, while the Night Owl bollards themselves comply with BS8442 and are passively safe to BS EN 12767:2007 100 NE4, having been independently tested at MIRA. 

The Night Owl offers an impressively low folding height of 130mm, which together with the recessed graphics area provide reliable protection from aggressive scraping when tested with low ground clearance vehicles.

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