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The truth about the cost of Solar Powered Bollards

The truth about the cost of Solar Powered Bollards

In many situations, the base lit Night Owl in terms of Total Lifetime Cost is the best economic proposition. .

Purchasing Costs 
• Solar powered sign bollards are generally more expensive to purchase than base lit variants such as the Illuminated Night Owl

Energy Costs
• Solar bollards are powered by batteries that need replacing at least once within a ten year life cycle. The cost of replacing that battery, including labour, is likely to be in the region of £50. 

• Energy savings quoted by solar bollard manufacturers generally draw comparisons with bollards illuminated with traditional lamps. LED illumination, as used in the Night Owl, saves on average more than 80% of electricity costs. The energy cost for an Illuminated Night Owl is less than £3.00 per annum … (assuming electricity cost is 10p per unit). 

Installation Costs
• Installation costs are broadly similar if the Night Owl Light source is to be fitted in an existing base box that has a power supply.

Probably the only situation where a Solar bollard is more economical is in a new installation where a power source is not readily available. 

Replacement Costs
• Solar powered bollards are more susceptible to terminal damage than base lit variants that have no electronics in the body of the bollard itself. Replacing a Night Owl body is more than £150 cheaper than replacing a complete solar powered bollard. 

If you intend to replace current illuminated bollards for economic reasons you should give serious consideration to the functional, and economic benefits that the Illuminated Night Owl provides.

Night Owl
High conspicuity, self-righting, illuminated bollard meeting BS 8442 pt. 14.  Passed BS EN 12767-2:2007 to 100/NE3 Passive
safety performance standard.

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